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I'm Chelsea

A UX/UI designer based in California. My goal is to build beautiful and easy-to-use products. My background in childhood education has prepared me to solve tricky problems with creative solutions and become the most empathetic and innovative designer I could possibly be. 

When I’m not designing, I enjoy playing music, painting, and hanging out with my cat and husband. Do you want to chat more? Send me an email and let's connect!

Website Redesign for SNACC

Website redesign for an NYC nonprofit aiming to teach kids independence through cooking.

Creating a Product Vision for Conscious Moms

Creating a product vision for a nonprofit that educates users about the importance of maternal mental health and builds trust to persuade people to join their cause.

Website Design for Rocket City Rainbows 

Through user research and interviews, building a responsive website for a hairstylist who is seeking an easier, more efficient way to book clients.

App Creation to Empower People to Save Money and waste Less Food

An app that helps people keep track of the food they have and provide them recipes tailored to those ingredients so they waste less money, and help the environment.

App Creation Turning Spotify into a Music Learning Enivironment

Adding a feature to Spotify to help amateur musicians listen to their favorite songs and learn them all without ever leaving the app.

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