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Raising Awareness and Closing the Gaps in
Maternal Mental Health

Creating a product vision for a nonprofit that educates users about the importance of maternal mental health and builds trust to persuade people to join their cause.

Providing a Rainbow Hair Artist an Opportunity to Showcase her Brand and Book New Clients with Ease

Through user research and interviews, building a responsive website for a hairstylist who is seeking an easier, more efficient way to book clients.


Empowering People to Save Money and Waste Less Food

An app that helps people keep track of the food they have and provide them recipes tailored to those ingredients so they waste less money, and help the environment.

Image by Maria Lin Kim

Turning Spotify into a Music Learning Enivironment

Adding a feature to Spotify to help amateur musicians listen to their favorite songs and learn them all without ever leaving the app.

Practicing Guitar
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